Every time Wim hits another milestone, it reminds me of how small it all began, and how far we’ve since come.

When I started out with my dad 8 years ago, people knew Wim as little more than an oddball they’d maybe seen jump in an icy canal on the local news channel, if they knew him at all. There were no podcasts, no hashtags, no studies, and no countless stories of lives changed forever through the power of breath and cold.

As has become tradition, we like to take Wim’s birthday as an occasion to celebrate not just Wim, but his important message, and to just take a moment to realize how far that message has spread. How many people it has touched, lives it has changed, how it’s being shared by people everywhere in gestures of love.

Look how Nature is always celebrating, always giving out free cold and air.

Thanks to the enormous support from Wim’s fans and followers all over the world, we can occasionally follow her example, and make the WHM training tools available to everyone. With the code wimbday35 you can now get our Fundamentals video course at a 35% discount. This fun-filled course teaches you the Wim Hof Method at the hands of the Iceman himself, and sets you up to sustain a WHM practice that fits your life. The code remains valid for all of next week.

We hope that you enjoy the course, celebrate the power of nature, and wish everyone strong, healthy, happy lives.

Happy birthday, dad.

Enahm Hof